VP, Operations- Medical Practice

Bridgewater, Full time

Job Summary

Our VP or Operations position will allow you to take the next step in your managerial progression. You will be responsible for coordinating the comprehensive efforts of our regional offices. You'll be looked to for guidance from local managers and supervisors in developing attainable action plans to help achieve corporate objectives, as well as contribute your expertise in the areas of budget management, resource allocation, and recruitment and hiring. You will also be relied upon to build relationships with key strategic partners and to cultivate a brand awareness that's well-respected in both the industry and community. As yours will be a vital role in the overall success of our organization, you will also have the opportunity to work closely with members of our executive board in monitoring your region's performance. 

Job Responsibilities
 Oversee the day-to-day operations of our regional offices through constant communication with office managers as well as in-person evaluations.
 Meet regularly with designated regional representatives over workflow, accounting, supply management and human resources in order to hear an accounting of their progress and compare performance to corporate expectations.
 Prepare and present annual and quarterly reports detailing your region's operational performance to our executive board as well as sharing overall corporate performance details with your region's leadership.
 Work with regional managers and supervisors to develop and enact initiatives aimed at achieving continuous improvement.
 Serve as organizational representative to both business and community partners to help coordinate joint efforts aimed at boosting collective performance and building upon our solid reputation with local communities.
 Travel to regional offices when needed to shadow managers and their subordinates in order to develop an accurate idea of their performance capabilities and the challenges that they face.
 Meet with outside solutions developers and vendors to find new professional tools and resources that will help improve operations. 

Job Skills & Qualifications


  •  Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or a related field
  •  5 years of managerial experience overseeing tasks such as budget oversight, operational efficiency and resource allocation
  •  Demonstrated proficiency of computer application
  •  Successful track record of managing 5+ locations; opening new offices; and integrating new affiliates
  • Willingness to perform what is required in the early days, including installing proper processes & procedures
  • Strong manager, capable of recruiting top mid-level talent and delegating appropriately
  • Entrepreneur at heart; passionate about great patient care and finding new ways to grow     
  •  Master's in Business Administration
  •  2 years of internal experience
  •  Past marketing, consulting, customer relations, and project implementation and management experience
Very competitive compensation package, potentially with equity incentives, structured to attract and retain the right individual.
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